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Email - Director of Festivals of the Pyrenees

Dear Friend,      

While you have just came back to your country after having participated to the tours of the Festivals du sud, we wished to tell you how much we appreciated the qualities of the Folk Ensemble Cripple Creek Cloggers and of the shows you performed all along your stay in France and Spain.

As organisers, we appreciated the respect of the taken commitments, the discipline and the internal organisation of your group, the exactitude and the excellent general state of mind that marked our collaboration. You knew how to appreciate our organisation, and you gave the best of yourself for your shows, your parades, and your street activities to be, everywhere, a true success.

For the quality of the collaboration, be deeply thanked.

Our audience and we were charmed by the quality of the costumes, of the choreography and of the productions. The musical standard of your orchestra has been appreciated rightly. The general feeling you let is the one of a strong and homogeneous group, of a talent perfectly mastered and of a scenic quality deserving, in all points, of a great Festival. Thank you too for all these qualities.

 We deeply hope that all along your stay you appreciated the precision of our organisation, but above all the richness of the meetings you did, that means a better knowledge of the folklore of the world, a better knowledge of the French and Spanish audience.

This way and enriching the others with your culture, you also completed your own knowledge with these meetings, with our landscapes, our monuments and our historical past.

Could this experience let you good memories and the wish to meet us again one day ?

And if, here and there, some difficulties arose, please know that we regret them and that we always tried to do our best for the consequences to be the least heavy possible, and notably at the level of our guiding teams.

We will meet again.

We will stay into contact with the objective to prepare other meetings that will allow you to express once again the artistic and human qualities of your group.

I stay at your disposal for further information and I am looking forward to reading you soon,


E-mail : yves.haure@wanadoo.fr

Web : www.festivalsdusud.com